LiveStreaming became the buzz word of 2015/16, with the introduction of Apps like Periscope and Meerkat through to Blab, You Tube Live and Facebook Live – they fundamentally changed the face of social media and even though some have come and gone focus on their development continues to transform the way businesses network and reach their potential audiences.

It has never been easier for independent businesses – of any size, to interact with audiences and it is in a way that previously, was only available to big brands and big budgets.


Yet what is so different ?

Even though Live Streaming has been around for a long time and is already the draw to capture audiences for sporting and entertainment events worldwide – The difference for business owners is that the new platforms are easily accessible, affordable (in most cases free) and they focus on LIVE interaction between the viewer and you (the broadcaster) as well as each other. This interaction provides an opportunity for the real passion of individuals behind their businesses to shine through – their knowledge to be shared, instantly meeting the need of a potential customer – it helps to humanize a brand and naturally creates a more authentic and credible communication.


What does this mean for you ? 

There are so many ways to use Live Streaming for business – ultimately, the style of interaction builds a following of customers that know, trust and like you – for all the right reasons –  only then are customers willing to return time after time and genuinely want to help spread the word about your brand to others.

Would your customers benefit from these ?  

♦ Q&A sessions – answer questions in real time, giving value and demonstrating your knowledge of your industry.
♦ Behind the Scenes – Many people hold perceptions of certain industries or establishments – help reinforce high standards       or dispel myths by showing customers the attention and skill that goes into your service.
♦ Product Demonstrations – Would you prefer to buy from a text book explanation or a real live demonstration with your               questions answered?
♦ Previews – Flash announcements – Treat your loyal customers to one off offers and by making sure they are first to know.
♦ Taster Sessions – a live example of your service provides opportunity to sample your service as well as for you to gain             feedback from potential customers to help shape your future services.
♦ Event coverage – share the atmosphere and highlights of an event for increased promotion or even offer attendance via           livestreaming to capture additional customers.
♦ Mini Training Sessions – Offering the basics of your services or sessions on how to incorporate your products to create a         lifestyle helps to solve their problems and keeps them coming back.


All of these approaches create a connection with your potential or existing customers – a relationship based on a deeper understanding of what their needs are and on what you have to offer which is unique to other businesses.

Additional bonuses of LiveStreaming as a business…


Accessible on a number of devices from anywhere in the world.
Real Time Interaction – with the correct app or device interaction occurs in direct response to your content and viewers can share instantly to other social media platforms.
Grow your own community of like minded individuals – creating your own target audience for your own ‘Tv Show’.
Re-purposing of content for use on websites and other social media platforms is easy as broadcasts can be saved onto devices or the cloud.
New style of networking – otherwise impossible in real time, already connections have been made for business collaborations, support networking, new income streams, charitable awareness, creative arts, research sharing… the list goes on.
Transforming business and consumer culture – Sharing and viewing the world from different perspectives and environments is proving to changes lives of both viewers and broadcasters resulting in new expectations and opportunities for both business owners and consumers.



Now is the time to explore and embrace Live Streaming –  the platforms mentioned are growing fast and yet are still relatively new. Individuals and businesses using them right now, are automatically noticed as leaders within their sectors and at the forefront of a new business era.


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Click on the links and see what is being broadcast Live – do remember these platforms attract a wide range of personalities and cover a diverse range of topics …. Do take time to explore – find people or brands you know and seek out the high quality content … It is there!!

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