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This Platform is no longer running – we leave it here as we keep an eye out for its replacement – there is definitely one on its way….

Here 2-4 people can engage in real time. Blab is a social conferencing platform that allows anyone to run their show. It is used for recording podcasts, for coaching & teaching, for interviews, for after shows and even discussions. A powerful way of connecting & collaborating with other businesses.


A live video streaming platform, allowing you to stream live video broadcasts or “scopes” that anyone in the world can view and engage with in real time. A powerful way of building relationships with followers, creating brand release videos and other brand related marketing & great for sharing product tips, demonstrations & behind the scenes broadcasts.


A live streaming social media platform, which allows you to stream live video broadcasts that anyone in the world can view and engage with in real time. Buster has the added value of potentially monetising your broadcasts.


A social platform based on interaction with others from friends through to people with common interests and businesses or big brands..Using images, text, Video and Now Live Streaming as well. Businesses can utilize this platform in many ways.


A thousand words can be changed by one picture!
Instagram is a great opportunity for businesses to brand themselves and attract more followers. People find (and judge) the visual identity of a business.
Advertising on Instagram has the power to move people — inspiring them to see a business differently or take action.


A virtual Pinboard that’s forward thinking.
Unlike other real time platforms, Pinterest is all about the future and planning for upcoming projects/events.
A great visual discovery tool allowing users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards and browsing what other users have pinned.


Discover what’s happening in the world right now, share information and connect with people and businesses nationally and globally instantly. With hundreds of millions of users and over 500 million Tweets being sent each day, there is a great opportunity for businesses to reach a global audience of new and existing customers.


A mobile messaging app used to send photos, videos, text and drawings, messages can be seen for 24 hrs in the form of stories –  Fast growing with over ….. messages a day – businesses can connect with their audience in a much more intimate and playful way creating opportunity for a much stronger brand loyalty.


A Radio for the people… new App in 2016 – 2 minute ‘waves’ recorded by users – about anything – these are then made public and can be responded to by anyone in the same 2 min format – discussions – research – ideas are all being shared – unique in the connection the human voice provides for individuals and the equal playing field for interaction. Allows waves to be heard once shared onto other specified platforms and via pc.

Social Media Jargon Explained


This is your username, which will appear as @username


A Tweet is a message you can send on Twitter with up to 140 characters. (Although this limit may be increasing)


To retweet means to post someone else’s tweet, crediting them with the original content. It’s polite to leave the original tweet as unedited as possible, though it’s acceptable to edit the tweet for length or clarity.


Whenever you log into a social media platform, you are usually presented with a list of posts that the people you follow have created. This is usually called your feed, and in most cases is accessed from the site’s homepage once you are logged in.


A topic or post that has organically been shared across a wide network of users (that often is picked up for stories on news stations, as well).

Live Streaming

A Live Video broadcast filmed using a camera, mobile device, or Computer-filming equipment.  Viewers are able to play the content via the web, iOS and Android apps. New Social – Live Streaming Platforms are enabling viewers to interact with the broadcasters and build relationships with them – these do not need specialist filming equipment and are not part of television broadcasts


This is a broad term that encompasses any interactive action taken by a user on a social media channel. From commenting on Facebook posts, to retweeting and clicking on videos. Driving engagement should be at the heart of your social media strategy.

DM Direct Message

These are private tweets that can only be seen by the recipient.

# Hashtag

Hashtags are a huge part of Twitter & Instagram and also used on most other platforms. They help to put content in a category, for example we might use the hashtag #socialmedia. If you search #socialmedia in the search bar, any tweets/images containing #socialmedia will show up. Notice there are no spaces between words when using a hashtag.

#FF - #Follow Friday

This is the hashtag for Follow Friday. Follow Friday is when you urge your twitter community to follow the people you @ after the #FF. For example #FF @lucyshall @wfttcoaching @kevinarrow


A pin is an image that has been uploaded (or ‘pinned’) from a web page or your own computer to a Pinterest board. When someone clicks on a pin, they are taken back to the original source.


The person behind the pins


A Troll or Internet Troll refers to a person who is known for creating controversy in an online setting. They typically hand out in forums, comment sections and chat rooms with the intent of disrupting the conversation on a piece of content by providing commentary that aims to evoke a reaction. Most platforms have a way of blocking or reporting accounts that are behaving this way.


This is the specific number of times a piece of content is displayed. Often confused with reach; the key thing to remember is that one person can have several impressions of the same content.

Trending Topic

If a hashtag is popular enough it will become a trending topic. You can see these on the lower left hand side of your dashboard and you can choose whether you want to see worldwide trending topics, countrywide or trending topics in specific parts of your country. If you click on a trending topic you will be shown all the tweets using that hashtag.


When you “tag” someone in a post, you are effectively mentioning them in a way that lets them know. You can use tagging to refer people to others, or if you post something that you think would be of particular interest to another person, you can link to the content and tag the person in the area where you type your own comment. This is sometimes referred to as a “mention,” especially on Twitter.


Sharing is a biggie for social media. For example, if you see an article, video or page that you think your social contacts would be interested in, you can post the link to your network of choice for them to see. You have then “shared” that link. The term is also used on Facebook for when you see a post that you want to be visible to your friends, followers or to those who like your page, and in this respect sharing on Facebook or periscope is the equivalent of “retweeting” on twitter.


A term given to the live video on Periscope or Facebook Live.


Used on periscope to acknowledge and show interest in the live stream broadcast.


A Bio is a space where you can provide a little bit of text introducing yourself. Whilst all social media platforms give you a chance to do this to varying degrees, the term is most closely associated with Twitter, Instagram and Periscope.


Not to be confused with Impressions, Reach shows you the maximum amount of people your post could potentially reach. To work this out there is a fairly complex calculations that takes into account the number of your followers, impressions, shares/retweets and your net follower increase over time. But don’t worry about that, every social platform will show you a number based on their calculations to help you gauge performance over time.

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