Get Active On Social – For Businesses needing a kick start

  • Do you want to stop the niggling and frustration that you ‘should’ be active on Social Media, but seem to have no time to learn or to post regularly?

  • Do you want to boost business and be more visible online than your competitors ?

  • Do you want to feel in control of your social media activity, fitting it into your work routine and to see specific results ?

Our GET ACTIVE SERVICE allows us to work WITH you to establish a presence for your business on social media and takes away the stress of learning it all at once – over time you will find that social media has become a part of your business plan and you will be ready to tap into its’ true power for gaining new custom.

We limit the amount of new businesses we work with at any one time to enable us to get to know you and establish your business objectives, we create systems for efficient and fast sharing of information and provide guidance on types of content needed to keep your streams varied.

Social Media has become a powerful marketing tool and has leveled the playing field for businesses – local independents have cost effective opportunities available which were only previously accessible by big brands and big budgets.

It is up to you how much of the potential you tap into … one fact is undeniable, If you are not on the platforms and you are not consistently active, you will not have a foundation from which to build when/if you are ready.


“Michelle and Alicia aka Social Gooseberry came to our rescue in the autumn of 2016 when things were hotting up at our entrepreneurial artisan fruit drink company. We were getting swamped with the need to do social media and no idea how or time to do it. Social Gooseberry were quick to grasp our ‘tone’ and our market, have a good knowledge and experience of the marketing world and have been outstanding for the profile of our company just at the time we needed them.

No company worth their salt these days cannot survive without social media and with Social Gooseberry we feel we have comfortably navigated our way through what was, although fun, a manic experimental period.”

Thank goodness for Michelle and Alicia, I say !

Suzannah Starkey

Sales Director , Starkeys Fruit

Being techno dinosaurs It was a joy to hear about Social Gooseberry. They take care of all our social  media linking us to lots of other businesses, potential customers and keeping our current customers uptodate of events and general life at the pub. They keep our business alive and interesting and have certainly played a large part in growing it. They are a pleasure to be connected with.







Pub and Restuarant Landlady, The Cross Keys

Our Get Active Service for 2 platforms is currently on offer for local businesses and includes:

  • Set up and optimisation of both accounts.
  • Discovery Session to identify business values and objectives, brand personality, narrative and of course see you in action.
  • Consistent activity on both platforms.Monitoring of streams and message response.
  • Regular guidance on content creation.
  • Monthly analytics overview.

All this for £140 per month … this is a limited time offer with only 3 new clients to begin in June/July.
We usually charge a higher bespoke fee for the first 3 months to incorporate set up, system creation and additional research into your industry.

Kick Start your Social Media just in time for the Summer Season….



Based in Upton, Southwell

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